buildings heating using the air from the outdoors

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) uses the air from outdoors and converts this into green energy that can be used for utility sources such as heating and water. Using collectors, the energy is gathered from the air and taken to a heat pump to generate heat energy. The temperature is elevated to provide the desired heat levels required for the building.

The Air Source Heat Pump installation is external and the energy produced is fed into the appliance. You have the option to install the appliance either on the inside or outside walls of the building to your desired energy source to your desired location. Heat pumps can generate up to three times more energy than standard boilers but do require electricity supply, however, due to the energy supply they generate, the pumps are a more cost-effective, energy-efficient green energy supply.

Why choose ASHP as your energy source?

The cost of Offsetting the ASHP

Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) schemes are available along with multiple other funding options. The tariff set by the government can help generate an income by exporting the energy back into the main grid. This income could last up to 20 years and is of course another benefit of having the ASHP.