Cover your electricity and heat demands simultaneously

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or co-generation as it is sometimes referred to produces heat and electricity energy concurrently. As one of the most energy-efficient forms of green energy supply, it is also popular because most of the energy produced is utilised. As the system acquired electrical and heat energy, installing the system means there is less waste. You can see why CHP systems are highly desirable and dubbed as one of the most energy-efficient on the market. There are multiple benefits of the system including cost savings, lower carbon emissions and means you are less dependent on the national grid for your supply.

Options available

Combined Heating and Power systems can be installed and fitted with minimal fuss using the expertise and knowledge of our in-house installation team. The systems can be fitted brand new or retrofitted to any boiler which will enhance the boilers’ energy efficiency. Installing the system locally can save more energy as this cuts out any loss during transportation. We can install a system that is right for any building, small or large, we can help you choose the best CHP suitable for your property or business.

Contact our experts today and let us help you become more energy and self-sufficient.