Control your energy costs using real-time energy monitoring

Have you heard of smart meters? Well, energy monitoring systems allow you to see your energy usage similar to a smart meter and look at your carbon emissions in real-time. Energy monitoring systems are popular with businesses are it allows a company to closely monitor energy costs closely and put in place energy-saving initiatives at peak times such as screen savers and motion lighting. Businesses can access all their energy information online and view consumption levels from any mobile and desktop, so there is no excuse to leave the light on!

As ‘Net Zero’ approaches there is the added benefit to a business to demonstrate how energy efficient you are.

Renewable Energy Monitoring

Do you want to save money? As a business or individual, the answer is usually yes. Using energy monitoring systems allows you to track the effectiveness of your renewable energy and gain vital insights such as CO2 reduction numbers and of course cost savings you are making. It is a highly desirable system for businesses allowing you to demonstrate your dedication and commitment to reducing carbon emissions and shows to your customers that you are environmentally aware. You can use public displays to showcase your green energy initiative and this would also make up part of your cooperate social responsibility. It is a win-win for everyone, including the planet.

Monitor your emissions – Hydrogen Refuelling

There are multiple benefits of hydrogen fuel and is a desirable fuel source for Commerical vehicles for example public transport operators are switching out their fleet to hydrogen powered buses.

More and more vehicles are being manufactured as hydrogen powered and as such the need for more hydrogen refueling stations will be vast and soon become the norm.

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to providing hydrogen refueling stations and Cardon Energy is in the unique position of having our sister company Cardon Property & Construction on hand to assist with the planning and installation. We will help you look at the type of facility, gas levels, pre-cooling systems, storage and types of fuelling systems to enable you to get the best solution.

There are also business incentives for company vehicles to be hydrogen and electric. 

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