Is your business EV ready? get plugged in!

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging has become more popular due to more and more vehicles being produced that are electric or hybrid, all in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. It is now expected that businesses and leisure complexes should adapt and make available electrical EVs to staff, customers and clients.

Retail spaces, car parks, stadiums, hotels and offices are all proving places to plug-in.

Typical EV Charging options include:

Charging speeds to suit your needs:

Charging speeds can vary at each EV station and you can choose the right type of EV charging point for your business. The various speed types range from:

We are certified, experienced installers, which means we can provide a variety of high-quality EV charging stations that will suit your needs.We can install basic charging solutions that are adaptable, affordable and in any location. We can also provide more high spec, high end charging facilities should you require this. Our most expensive solutions offer robust and hard-wearing facilities for security and are suitable for streets and car parks that could be at risk of misuse and vandalism.

You may think that choosing the right type of EV charging station for your business will be difficult but Cardon Energy will assist you in finding the right solution to meet your budget. Contact us today to find out more.