Use the heat from the ground to power your business

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) work by taking the energy from the ground, which is converted into energy that can be used for heating and hot water. It may sound too good to be true, but the technology works similar to geothermal, where the heat goes through the pipes and allows the temperature to be placed at the right level to heat your building. The heat pump is fitted to either the inside or outside of the building and fed from the pipes underground.

An electricity supply is required for the heat pump, however, the GSHP can produce up to three times as much energy than a normal boiler, so it is worth the investment.

So, 3kWh of heat energy is produced for every kWh of electricity used, this shows how a GSHP can be more cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Land considerations

Considerations need to be made regarding access to the building and land around it. Depending on space, pipes can be fitted horizontally and vertically underground. Don’t worry about what the best approach will be, our expert team of engineers will be on hand to support and guide you.

can you offset the cost of a GSHP?

There is good news, there are funding options to help offset the cost of the GSHP, one of the most popular funding choices is theĀ Renewable Heat IncentiveĀ (RHI) scheme which can provide new revenue streams for up to 20 years. Payments can be generated via a government tariff and are dependent on the amount of energy your system produces and the cost of export back to the grid.