Cleaner air with hydrogen fuel

Cardon Energy can provide any hydrogen energy solutions, from Hydrogen refuelling facilities to hydrogen-powered boilers. Cardon Energy has undertaken intensive training to better understand Hydrogen power and has recently delivered the Perivale Hydrogen Refuelling Facility for Transport for Great London (TFL). If you want to find a cleaner, alternative fuel source, then Hydrogen power could be the solution.

Hydrogen is a non-harmful and invisible source of energy and has been used across the world in various industries.

How does it work?

Storing Hydrogen

Hydrogen is stored in low, medium, or high-pressure storage tanks from bars 20 up to 1,000. The pressure should be high enough to refuel a vehicle


There are multiple compressors that be used from pistons to ionic compressors, the type would be dependent on the type of refuelling station, capacity, and its design. Hydrogen compressors help to reduce the pressure between the storage and refuelling.

Pre-Cooling Systems

Hydrogen tanks should not overheat, and it is recommended that they not exceed 85 degrees centigrade. As the hydrogen heats up when refuelling, a precooling system will ensure that the temperature does not overheat and the tank does not become over pressurised.


Refuelling itself is carried out using the dispenser, a device, or machine to pump liquid or gaseous fuels into the vehicle. The dispenser includes the fuelling nozzle, which delivers the compressed hydrogen into the vehicle’s pressure tank. It is designed for the pressure of the hydrogen tank, i.e. 350 or 700 bar. The user interface contains multiple displays including measured quantity, pressure, and fills levels.

Finally, the hydrogen can be produced either locally at the refuelling station or centrally in another location and then delivered. In the case of decentralised hydrogen production at the refuelling station, the production concept has to be decided. There are two options to consider:

  1. An electrolyser for the production of hydrogen (this is from renewable electricity) or,
  2. A reformer that produces hydrogen from natural has or biomethane.

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