CCTV Installation

Cardon Energy has the knowledge and experience to protect your property with extensive security and fire solutions.

When a person decides to carry out a crime, they do with the intention of not being caught, and ensuring your home or business is secure is key to prevention.

CCTV is a major deterrent to preventing a crime, but should a crime take place, there is a higher rate of catching the culprit with security systems in place than without it.

With the latest forms of camera detection, we can detect and record criminals before they have attempted a break-in or theft. When these systems are remotely monitored, we have the option to either call the police or guarding service or use a public address system to warn them off.

Cardon Energy uses only the latest technology in security to ensure that your business is protected all year round. We will assess your business recommend the right level of protection from a variety of high-standard graded systems to not only protect your business but that is also compliant with your insurer.

We offer a full compressive design to protect your home or business.

Fire Alarms and fire detection systems

Cardon Energy’s mechanical and electrical specialists can design and install a range of fire alarm systems in your business.  

Our fire alarm solutions range from a basic conventional system to high-quality multi-panel addressable systems and our team of experts will guide you through the process of the design, installation, and commissioning of your fire system. All installations and works will be designed around you the client with minimal disruption to your business or project.

We install the highest grade smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors available in the market to ensure the highest level of safety and protection to your business or home.

Fire alarms are required in most buildings, in accordance with the Fire Risk Assessments and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

Access control

Whether using access control for security or simply to monitor a workplace, Cardon Energy can offer a range of solutions to suit your needs. Using the latest technology we can integrate your building’s access control with other systems such as fire and CCTV, as well as your phone or tablet meaning that you can monitor the security of your building from anywhere.